by Iber Poma

Any technology tool that helps the transition of knowledge to happen is embraced by its simplicity and geared towards the cyclical goal of teaching and learning.

IPads, iPods and iPhones are devices which can allow you to achieve almost any idea you may have in terms of technology. You may certainly watch videos, listen to music, play games, and even play piano. Moreover, you may actually use your devices as a recorder and then share this recording easily using two apps, one of them is Dropbox (free) and the other one is DropVox, which actually costs $1.99. DropVox is a simple audio-recording app that links with and uploads M4A recordings directly to your Dropbox account. You may even email the recording to students. After downloading the app, you link it to your Dropbox account, hit record, and it automatically uploads the recording.

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People around the world are downloading huge numbers of apps, and recently the mark of 50 billion apps (that is with a “b”) has been broken. That is an achievement worth mentioning and it is due to the vast selection of applications in the iTunes store. Apps give you the power and versatility to do more than you ever thought possible.

There are apps for everything but of course we are interested in the ones for education. No Angry Birds
or Fruit Ninja. The combination of iPads and apps can support technology integration and encourage student engagement. Below is a list of apps I recommend to explore and to use them to blend with your teaching styles.


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