by Iber Poma

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While attending a conference presentation, I expected the presenter to use Microsoft PowerPoint (most widely used presentation software) to conduct his presentation, but I was pleasantly mesmerized when the presenter instead used a web based presentation software known as Prezi to deliver his content.

After the conference was over I was curious about the details of this dynamic web based software. I went to Prezi’s webpage and have learned that it is free to use for people involved in academia, and most importantly you have the choice to make your presentations public or private. The software was so user-friendly and the presentation can be so dynamic, I was hooked instantly.

If you happen to make your presentations public then anyone can copy and use your work and content at their own will. However, if you make them private you can safeguard and restrict access to your presentations. The whole point is you have the power to choose which settings you will use.

Another great feature is you can convert your PowerPoint files to Prezi by prezyfying your slides. The integrity of your original PowerPoint file is maintained but you can also take advantage of the many features available to you in Prezi.

You can use your iPad with prezi to create your presentations on the go. Your prezis are just a fingertip away. You can view and present your prezis anywhere with simple, natural multi-touch gestures.

You can revise and retouch your prezis, correct typos and adjust your presentations on-the-fly. Prezi Viewer is the perfect companion to your Prezi experience, and… it’s free! When you’ve downloaded a prezi file to your iPad you can access it offline. Downloaded prezis load even faster.

The first step to use prezi is to create an account and prepare to be immersed in a quest to share with the world or simply create a masterpiece presentation.

What about training?

In the website Learn tab you will find well designed video tutorials to help you master the application. If you prefer to take a webinar, one is available to you through WebEx. You just need to register and learn.  Please contact us at or the EdTech website to learn more about our workshops on these tools.


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