by Francisco Ordonez


The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPad went on sale in the United States in April 2010. According to a Google/Ipsos study, tablet penetration among U.S. household had hit 11 percent in just 18 short months and Apple sold sixty million IPad worldwide (source Apple 2012 ).

The iPad’s software comes from the Apple “App Store”, which is a digital application distribution platform developed and maintained by Apple Inc. This service allows users to browse and download applications from the iTunes Store . Apple is currently advertising over 140,000 apps for the iPad, according to Apple sources.

APPs are available either for free or at a cost. Applications can be downloaded to both personal computers (PCs) or Macintoshs via iTunes or directly to the iPad itself.

The iPad’s educational possibilities have been underestimated due to its popularity for entertainment and personal uses. This article will focus on Apps used for education and instruction-related tasks.

Here at Hostos Community College, EdTech is launching an initiative known as the “iPad in The Classroom Pilot .”   The initiative is intended to explore the potential uses of the iPad in the classroom, experiment with how iPads can enrich teaching and learning, and allow faculty an opportunity to test-drive an iPad to determine if the tool and its applications can assist in achieving teaching goals.

Implementing the iPad in higher education means investigating and selecting the apps that might help you as an instructor.  Catherine Lewis, a faculty member at  Hostos, said “I have had my iPad since April of this year and it has changed my life in many ways.”    For more information on how the edTech iPad initiative can change your life and impact your classroom, contact Carlos Guevara at

These are some APPs that we suggest you try out:

Notes taking:

  • NotesPlus  is a very natural and intuitive application for taking notes. It is almost as easy as using a pen and paper. Convert handwriting to text recommended by Catherine Lewis.

Creating Video Tutorials:

  • Educreations is a personal recordable whiteboard for the iPad, which captures both the user’s voice and digital handwriting for the creation of video lessons.
  • ScreenChomp is a free and simple to use APP, which allows the user to record content that is written on the whiteboard and it also records speech for audio and visual representation.


  • Kindle  has an  app  that allows the  iPad access to the books and materials available on Amazon’s Kindle Store.
  • MyPDFs is a straightforward and easy to use PDF viewer for the iPad.
  • Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store files and access them from multiple locations and devices.
  • Team Viewer is used to remotely access your computer via your iPad. If you need to view a file, presentation, or application while away from your main computer, this app can allow you to both access and modify your information.

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