by Sandy Figueroa and Francisco Ordóñez

E-Portfolios at Hostos are used to create a new dynamic, begin a process of reflection, and to empower students to see their learning as part of a continuum rather than isolated fragments of attaining information.

Implementation of e-Portfolio began at Hostos in fall 2011.

The student embarks on the e-Portfolio journey in the first semester that he or she attends Hostos.  The student begins to archive his or her work and reflects on each stage of the learning experience.  The student amasses these artifacts in the form of essays, term papers, journal assignments, to name a few.  The faculty members assist and mentor the student in the reflection process of these artifacts.  The goal of this reflection process is to empower the student to take control of the learning process and development of a skill-set.

The e-Portfolio is also used to demonstrate a student’s mastery of a skill.  For example, students in the Digital Design program show their final work to their peers, professionals in the field, and potential employers.  An employer may ask a student, “Can you complete this task?” during a job interview and thestudent can confidently answer the interviewer with, “Yes, I can and here is my proof—my e-Portfolio.”  The e-Portfolio, therefore, is a résumé with flesh–artifacts and reflection.

Should an e-Portfolio represent the “social you” or The “professional you?  Students have to develop their e-Portfolio as their professional digital identity.  The experience gained in creating an e-Portfolio will certainly be useful in achieving this task.  The challenge of the e-Portfolio is to develop a professional digital identity and not just another Facebook profile.  For each professor who requires a student to open or create an e-Portfolio, the student is presenting his or her professional goals and objectives and an understanding of why a particular course is of value to a student’s professional development.


At Hostos, incorporating e-Portfolio in course syllabi has just begun.  The college awaits the next phase of e-Portfolio in the academic programs.


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