As the representative from the Humanities Department on the EdTech Leadership Committee, I was thrilled when our chair, Carlos Sanabria, agreed to relocate our department meeting to EdTech for a “Technology Edition” of the meeting. What is the “Technology Edition”, you might ask? It is a time to share what resources EdTech has to offer the Humanities Department and an opportunity to share the technology initiatives of the college. Here are some points that we will cover:

RESOURCES /// SmartRooms

SmartRooms are classrooms equipped with smart board technology that include projectors, touch-screen, DVD and VCR players, hi-resolution sound and audio/video recording capabilities.

You may reserve a SmartRoom at this URL or by going to button #4 on the Hostos website (see image below).

Faculty Reservation System

RESOURCE /// Faculty Learning Commons

The Faculty Learning Commons is room C-556. The room has been equipped with new computers and media hardware; it is a unique facility where faculty can meet, converse, and work in a multipurpose smart room equipped with the latest technology to create and capture interactive lectures, as well as a comfortable lounge space.

RESOURCES /// EdTech Workshops

EdTech has a number of different workshops available to faculty on a variety of topics including SmartBoard Technology, Blackboard, and using SafeAssign. Reach out to EdTech to schedule a workshop. 

RESOURCES /// Tech Fee Budget

Each year, funds are collected from students for the express purpose of improving available technology at Hostos. Send all requests for Humanities Department technology needs to CLEWIS[at]HOSTOS[dot]CUNY[dot]EDU. Please keep in mind that this technology must be for student use or to benefit student learning.

INITIATIVE /// Increasing Blackboard usage amongst faculty

It is an initiative of CUNY, the College, and EdTech to increase the number of faculty using Blackboard at Hostos. “Using” Blackboard could mean simply making your syllabus available and using the announcements page to communicate updates and/or emergencies, it could mean making course materials and online resources available on Blackboard, or it could even mean teaching a Hybrid or Asynchronous course. Reach out to me at CLEWIS[at]HOSTOS[dot]CUNY[dot]EDU to discuss how Blackboard can be integrated into your resources for student learning.

INITIATIVE /// ePortfolios

ePortfolios are an online tool for student reflection and asset collection. This initiative has been spearheaded by the ePortfolio Implementation Committee  EdTech with the support of EdTech. Create your own ePortfolio by logging in here or by visiting the Hostos college website and selection option 9 (see image below).

ePortfolio Link from Hostos Website

INITIATIVE /// Hybrid Institute

The Hybrid Institute is a series of classes to introduce Hostos faculty to the tools, resources, and strategies of teaching a hybrid course (50% online and 50% in person). Reach out to EdTech if you are interested in hybridizing a new course or an existing one.


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