by Carlos Guevara

Once more, the annual Education<=>Technology Showcase has demonstrated Hostos’ leadership within CUNY in the use of educational technology. This year, faculty and staff members delivered presentations on their use of technology in teaching; and Dr. Helen Barrett, world renowned ePortfolio expert, delivered the keynote address on “ePortfolios: Lifelong  Learning.” The showcase also received participation from colleagues other CUNY campuses. A series of additional activities were planned in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide venues for students, faculty, and senior administrative officers to dialogue with Dr. Barrett about the benefits of ePortfolio and ways to successfully implement it at Hostos. The future promises wider and exciting showcases that will not only impact Hostos faculty, but also other CUNY colleges’ faculty.

The Education<=>Technology Showcase (formerly Faculty Day) was created to present the Hostos community with innovative uses of technology in the classroom. Faculty members, together with the support of the Office of Educational Technology, have an opportunity to share their innovative usage of technology in teaching to reach new levels of student engagement and improved performance. This annual event not only provides a setting for the college community to attend presentations and demonstrations, but it also creates an opportunity for networking, collaboration, sharing of technical information and the building of best practices.

his is a quick summary of the showcase:


Dr. Helen Barrett, world-renowned ePortfolio pioneer and expert presented: “Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios.”  This presentation focused on the two different approaches to e-portfolio development: workspace vs. showcase, process vs. product, portfolios-as-assessment for-learning/improvement vs. portfolios-as-assessment-for-accountability


·         Communicating Design: How ePortfolio Supports Design Education. Catherine Lewis (Humanities). Design is an interactive process.

·         The Three Musketeers: All For One and One For All Online. Sandy Figueroa (Business), Sarah Archino (WAC) and Iber Poma (EdTech).

·         Avoiding Plagiarism and MLA Citation: Spreading the Word With Online Video. Clarence Robertson

·         (English), Sarah Archino (WAC) and George Rosa (EdTech).

·         Lecture notes…A Notable Method for Student Engagement! Sherese Mitchell (Education).

·         Clinical Simulation Within Nursing Education. Edward King (Allied Health-Nursing, Nadine Donahue (Nursing Department, York College).

·         Video Lectures for Mathematics for Nursing. William Baker (Mathematics), Francisco Ordonez (EdTech).

·         Status Report from EPIC (ePortfolios Implementation Committee) and OFIG (Online Facilitator Investigation Group).

To learn more about the showcase, and to watch these presentations, visit: 


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