EdTech Faculty Workshops

The Educational Technology Department invites you to participate in a series of workshops aimed to help you take full advantage of technology tools and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. These workshops are centered on experiences acquired through the use of different technologies in the classroom, and will demonstrate the pros and cons when used in the educational setting.

All sessions will be held in the Faculty Commons (C–559.) To find out exact times of the workshops, and to register, go to:

SMART Board Training
Tuesday 8/30/11, Wednesday, 9/07/11, Wednesday, 9/05/11,Wednesday, 9/26/11 and Thursday 10/20/11

Blackboard Essentials 
Tuesday, 9/13/11 and Thursday 11/03/11

Blackboard Grade Center 
Tuesday, 9/13/11 Wednesday, 10/05/11 and Thursday, 11/03/11

Blackboard Testing Tools
Tuesday,9/20/11, Wednesday 10/12/11

Blackboard SafeAssign
Tuesday, 9/20/11 and Wednesday 10/12/11

Hostos Social Network
Monday, 9/26/11 and Thursday, 10/20/11

Self Tutorial Online Modules

EdTech has made available several modules to offer self-guided training, which can be accessed at any time at: https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/for-faculty/online-tutorials

from the Center for Teaching
and Learning:


To find out more information about these workshops go to:


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