by Francisco Ordonez  

Clickers, a student response system, can be used in classrooms, lecture halls, and group gatherings. They are a unique technology designed to gather and disseminate information quickly, which enable instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class.

Here is how clickers work: First, the instructor presents students with multiple choice questions.  Then the students transmit their answers using the small, remote control like device.  Last, the system instantly collects and presents the results of the pool

There are many reasons to use Clickers in the classroom, and thinking about the reasons for using them is crucial for their success. The popular reasons, across the board, are learner engagement and the ability to determine whether students are comprehending what is being taught in lectures or during reviews.  I suggest using Clickers if your goal is to substantially increase the degree of student classroom response and utilize it as a significant  assessment component.

It is up to you to decide how to take advantage of this new technology in your classroom. New technology can be intimidating and unfamiliar. It is easy to abandon this unfamiliar device out of frustration that the learning curve is too steep.  We at EdTech will provide you with all the help you need, just contact me at my extension 6516 or All you need is an interest in learning, and we can help you with the rest.

On the practical side, it takes approximately 10 minutes to distribute the devices and to prepare students for their use. When using the clickers, students can answer questions anonymously without fear of being wrong in front of the entire class and they will keep students honest in their knowledge of the material. There is a direct correlation between using clickers and class participation as well as honesty of student feedback. Participation rates in classes increase with the use of the clickers. The overall experience of learning will be an enjoyable one, when you use this exciting technology.

To summarize,  Hostos Community College’s goal is to deliver state-of-the art education to our students using the most up-to-date technology. Support from EdTech with technologies such as clickers can increase student involvement in the classroom, but only when teachers can effectively utilize the tools they are given. We at EdTech can help, and success can come to the teacher who understands how this remarkable tool fit into their teaching goals.

The big family of HOSTOS C.C and EdTech are waiting for you.


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