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EdTech Mission

The Office of Educational Technology (EdTech) develops, implements, supports, and promotes innovative integration of technology into teaching and learning by empowering faculty, serving students, and creating a supportive environment for all types of learners.

EdTech Service

EdTech Services

EdTech introduces faculty and students to the latest educational technologies. In an evolving and changing technoscape, innovative trends in online learning, rich media, social networking, and mobile learning each offer opportunities to engage students.

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EdTech introduces faculty to the latest educational technologies. In an evolving and changing technoscape, innovative trends in online learning, rich media, social networking, mobile learning, and virtual and augmented reality offer opportunities to engage students.

CUNY Modes of Instruction - In Person, Hybrid (Synchronous, Asynchronous) Online (Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Online Mix),and HyFlex

CUNY Modes of Instruction

A course instruction modality identifies how the class will be taught. The class may be held in-person, online, or a combination of both. The quality of courses should be de same, regardless of instruction modality; the focus should be on content, pedagogy, and assessment.


Welcome, Faculty!

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Brightspace Faculty Hub

This resource center is tailored to empower faculty members in navigating and mastering Brightspace. You will find an array of tools and materials, including detailed guides on key LMS functionalities, workshops designed to enhance your digital teaching skills, and other resources to facilitate your course management.


Teaching with Technology

In this section, you’ll find the most relevant and up-to-date resources to support your professional day-to-day life as an educator. Browse through our lists to find informative articles, best practices, and useful frameworks to support your teaching and make your classes more engaging and effective.

  • CUNY modes of instruction
  • Teaching & learning frameworks
  • Course evaluation
  • Grading schemas & frameworks
  • Academic integrity
  • Accessibility


Teaching Tools & Guides

EdTech compiled an extensive repository of tutorials and guidelines about teaching & learning platforms and programs including:

  • Blackboard
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Hostos Social Network
  • Rich Media including video editing platforms and software, and interactive tools


Professional Development

Hosts CC offers a range of opportunities for faculty to enhance their skills and knowledge, stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and technologies, and support their ongoing professional growth. The professional development opportunities include:

  • Microlearning courses
  • Self-paced certification programs
  • Instructor-led workshops


EdTech Innovations Newsletter

The EdTech Innovations Newsletter was created to highlight the innovative work happening at Hostos Community College and how faculty are integrating technology into teaching and learning to enhance student engagement and promote their success.

Keep current with the latest news related to Educational Technology and Teaching Innovation at Hostos, CUNY, and the world through EdTech’s Innovations newsletter. Find coverage of workshops, upcoming events, conference call-for-proposals, best practices, and the latest Hostos EdTech offerings in the newsletter published at the beginning of each semester.


Policies & Protocols in Education

Clearly defined rules, regulations, procedures, and protocols help ensure that students receive a quality education in a safe and supportive environment. EdTech is compiling a list of relevant educational laws and policies, that include federal laws on accessibility, FERPA as well as policies on critical topics pertaining to educational technology.


Welcome, Students!

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or…browse our curated lists below.


Brightspace Student Hub

Our Student Hub is your dedicated resource center, offering practical guidance and support. Designed to empower your learning experience, this hub ensures a smooth and successful transition to Brightspace.

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Are You Ready?

The “Hostos CC – CUNY – Student Online Readiness Course – Are You Ready?” is designed to prepare students for taking an online course. Whether hybrid, synchronous, or asynchronous, this 30-45 minutes online self-paced course will cover a variety of topics that are essential to Online Learning at Hostos and CUNY.


Self-Paced Courses & Workshops

Professional development is an important aspect of student life at Hostos Community College. The college offers a variety of opportunities for students to enhance their skills and knowledge through:

  1. self-paced courses
  2. instructor-led training sessions.


Learning With Technology

EdTech compiled an extensive repository of tutorials and guidelines for students about learning platforms and programs including:


Online Learning Hub

The hub contains resources that help you achieve your academic goals in online classes. You can learn more about

  • Advantages of Online Learning
  • Learning Online Successfully
  • Learning To Learn Online – Free eBook
  • Register for Online Classes
  • Student Services


Academic Integrity

  1. Do read your college’s Academic Integrity Policy and follow the rules. Lack of awareness
    or unintentionally breaking rules is not an excuse for plagiarism.
  2. Don’t copy work from websites like Course Hero or Chegg, and don’t upload your
    coursework to the Internet for others to copy.
  3. Don’t ask others to research and/or write your assignments for you. Whether you pay for this service or not, it’s cheating.
  4. Don’t use a source’s words without quoting or sufficiently paraphrasing them.
  5. Don’t use Internet paraphrasing, citing, and/or referencing tools to do your work for you. Use them only as a guide and model for correct paraphrasing, citing, and/or referencing.
  6. Do make an appointment with your college’s writing center so you can practice
    thoroughly paraphrasing source material. It’s a skill that will pay off in all of your classes!
  7. Do give credit where it’s due: Always cite your sources, whether you quote, summarize,
    or paraphrase them.
  8. Don’t resubmit your own work from one class to another class without the permission of
    both instructors.
  9. Do follow your instructor’s rules for whether already prepared notes, phones, digital
    devices or collaboration with others is allowed for exams.
  10. Do take plagiarism and cheating seriously–they can lead to failing an assignment, failing
    a course, or even being suspended or expelled. It isn’t worth the risk!

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