Welcome to Earth Week 2021!



Faculty: Thank you for submitting your Teach-In Events!

Some of the themes explored include:

  • Prevent Environmental Destruction: plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, air and water quality
  • Brainstorm and coordinate short and long-term action to achieve universal climate balance
  • Advocate for Environmental Justice and Indigenous Land Rights
  • Promote Vote Earth: vote for leadership that follows science, promotes sustainability, prepares us for future environmental, economic and health challenges.
  • Educate on sustainable food systems, agriculture and deforestation
  • Any other topic from your discipline that could help to protect and restore our Earth!


Some history behind the Teach-In movement can be found here.

A video of a “teach-out” from the University of Michigan.


Thank you to the Earth Day Committee

Carmen Inda-Garcia , Co-Chair

Allison Franzese, Co-Chair

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Committee Member

Kathleen Delgado, Committee Member

Irina Grishina, Committee Member


A special thank you to all of the professors who are hosting events, as well as

Iber Poma and David Dos Santos from EdTech

Sehgal Varum and Sharmela Girjanand from the IT Department

Natasha Brewer, Patricia de la Hoz, Sarah Brennan from the Office of Academic Affairs

Soldanela Rivera Lopez​ from the Office of Communications

Jerry Rosa and Rhonda Smith from the Office of Students Activities


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