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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): Promotes excellence in teaching and learning at all levels. The Center seeks to enhance Hostos’ multicultural and multilingual learning environments with innovative teaching pedagogies and state-of-the-art technologies. CTL understands that learning is a lifelong process and offers a range of professional development opportunities for full and part-time faculty. CTL celebrates faculty, staff, and student achievements inside and outside of the classroom and encourages the growth of interdisciplinary and cross-divisional partnerships.


In keeping with Hostos tradition, the Center for Teaching and Learning promotes excellence in teaching and learning with innovative pedagogies and state-of-the-art technologies by fostering interdisciplinary and cross-divisional collaborations.

Goals and Objectives

In order to fulfill its mission, the Center for Teaching and Learning strives to accomplish the following goals and objectives:

  • Provide faculty development to build a culture of teaching and   learning excellence and transform faculty teaching experiences.
  • Promote best practices of teaching excellence in both traditional and online pedagogy of teaching and learning.
  • Provide faculty with opportunities for research, scholarship,  service, and leadership development to create and use pedagogical innovations to improve student outcomes.
  • Work with and support OAA and other offices to promote a  culture of collaboration.
  • Develop strategies to boost awareness and involvement in all CTL activities and initiatives.

Strategic Approach

Through an evolving process, the Center has established a strategic framework to support systematic professional development and continuous improvement. Based on the work and similar approach established at the Office of Educational Technology, the center utilized the Innovations Web model created by Carlos Guevara, CTL Co-Director, to visualize the impact of the different initiatives and approaches implemented at the center and to intentionally and strategically invest time and effort to improve or strengthen the different initiatives and support structures.

Click here to learn more about this strategic framework.

The following is a list of the different professional development opportunities and resources created by the center for all faculty:

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