Day Zero 2022

What held us back?

Starting the semester with energy and enthusiasm is the motivation we all love to see in our students and faculty. Day Zero was created by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning to offer an additional boost to setting the stage for a successful semester. The last two years have been a test for humanity to learn to overcome difficult situations, reinvent ourselves and adapt to new realities. Levels of stress, uncertainty, and mental health issues, to name a few, have been issues that we grapple with, and focusing on our well-being and re-imagining a more caring and compassionate community is more important than ever. Join us for a day to talk and share ideas on how we can tackle this goal together. The day will offer a student panel discussion.


Mayra Mojica

Mayra Mojica, Lecturer, Business

In the last two years, we have lived through difficult times. The outbreak has dramatically changed our lives and relationships. Before the pandemic, who would
have used “social distancing” as part of their everyday vocabulary?
The way that we work has also been affected in terms of where we work, and how we interact with colleagues. The experiences have been different for everyone
good and bad in living through this moment in history. Also, our lives have become more difficult or challenging, and we have had unexpected events that
happened during that time.

The pandemic has created numerous changes around the world. One of the most notable changes is in the way we work. As we adapt to new ways of doing work,
What held us back? during this time.

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