The ability to use time effectively is a problem most of us face. Our students have a lot on their plate; many of them are parents and often have to maintain a job while attending college. As part of our orientation into the program, we advise students not to have a job because the Radiography program is so demanding. However, it is unrealistic to believe our students will be able to give up their employment and focus solely on being a student. I grew up in South Africa and where I was taught how to make up a study timetable in primary school (elementary school). A time table is a makes you focus on the time you have and how to utilize it most productively.

Introducing the Timetable concept into the classroom
When I mention a timetable, it is often the first time students have heard about this concept. The difference between a calendar/schedule and a timetable is personalizing it. The timetable should include the time you will study while not forgetting the essentials of life such as eating, sleeping, attending class, socializing or whatever will attribute to overall students well being.

Table: Students can find several templates online and videos on youtube to help them create their personalized timetable.

Be Realistic – Students tend to fill in their schedule with what they wish could happen; which is to a lot all their time to studying or attending classes.

Personalizing – Creating a personalized timetable allows the student to utilize their time according to what they feel is essential. A student who is a parent might have to carve out time for working with their kids or planning meals for the family. Another student may need to schedule a time to go to the gym because that will allow them to reduce stress and allowing them to be a better student.

Implement – As the student learns about what works best for them; they may need to modify their timetable. Students need to be reassured that changing the schedule is ok, but most importantly, they need to implement the time table as soon as possible.

Students can find several templates online and videos on youtube to help them create their personalized timetable

Rayola Chelladurai

Rayola Chelladurai

Rayola Chelladurai is a certified Radio- logic Technologist. She has a unique perspective as an Assistant Professor in the Rad Tech Program, because she was also a student at Hostos Community College. It was at Hostos Community College that she earned her Associates degree as a Radiologic Technologist, she went on to earn her B.S and M.A degrees in Health Education and Pro- motion. She is passionate on sharing her knowledge and skills with future Radiographers.


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