The Peer Observation Process @ Hostos



The Hostos Center for Teaching and Learning and the Peer Observation Improvement Network for Teaching (POINT) committee presents a peer observation process that typically involves a faculty member observing and providing feedback on a colleague’s teaching. The most important points include:

  • The observer must indicate where the observation will take place.
  • The form must be presented to the person being observed at least 24 hours prior to the period during which the observation will take place
  • The observation should be as close as possible in scope to a typical 75-minute class period. Only a person knowledgeable about teaching online should conduct an observation in an online class.
  • Each page of the faculty observation form includes a summary written by the observer which can include examples of contents and teaching strategies witnessed during the designated period the person being observed must initial the bottom of this page.
  • The next three pages contain checklists that offer a guide on what to pay attention to during the observation and that can be used to take notes if desired.




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