"The Hate You Give"

"The Hate You Give"


“The Hate U Give” is a collection of social activism resources that is based on the bestselling young adult novel of the same name. The novel, written by Angie Thomas, is a powerful and thought-provoking story about a young girl who witnesses the shooting of her unarmed friend by a police officer and then becomes an activist in her community. The “The Hate U Give” collection of resources that includes lesson plans, articles, and other materials that can be used to explore the themes of the novel, such as police brutality, racial injustice, and social activism. The resources are intended for educators, students, and anyone interested in learning more about these important issues and taking action to make a difference in their own communities.

“Banned Spotlight: The Hate U Give”

Why the book was banned in a Texas school district. An article from Banned Books Week.

“Review: Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give Enters the Ranks of Great YA Novels”

Review of the book by Anna Diamond of The Atlantic.

Open Letters for Black Lives

Letters for Black Lives is a set of crowdsourced, multilingual, and culturally-aware resources aimed at creating a space for open and honest conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities.

10 years since Oscar Grant’s death: What happened at Fruitvale Station?

SF Chronicle coverage of Oscar Grant’s killing by police in a Oakland BART station in 2009.

Trayvon Martin Shooting Fast Facts (CNN)

A timeline describing the killing of Trayvon Martin and the aftermath 2012-2015.

The Death of Sandra Bland: Questions and Answers

An account of the arrest and death of Sandra Bland in 2015.

Coverage in The Guardian about 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot by Cleveland police in 2014.

A series of articles about the killing of Tamir Rice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Colorlines’ coverage of Michael Brown’s shooting by Ferguson, MO police

In August 2014, Michael Brown, a young African American, was killed by police in Ferguson, MO.

Black Lives Matter Official Website

“Developing Critical Consciousness through Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give

A lesson plan that uses issues in the novel to build background knowledge on the Black Lives Matter movement.


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