Teaching Day

The Teaching Day program is an initiative designed to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience at Hostos CC. It allows faculty to come together to share their teaching practices and strategies, learn from one another, and explore new and innovative teaching methods. During the program, faculty members can attend workshops and presentations led by experts in the field of education, as well as participate in roundtable discussions and networking opportunities. Topics of discussion include the use of technology in the classroom, active learning strategies, assessment and evaluation, and inclusive teaching practices. Teaching Day is a valuable resource for faculty to stay up-to-date on the latest teaching strategies and techniques and to develop new skills and knowledge to improve their teaching and student learning outcomes.

In coordination with National Teaching Week, the Hostos Teaching Day event seeks to recognize and highlight the different facets of teaching and learning, and how Hostos has transformed the professional and personal lives of faculty, students, and staff.

Join us on May 2nd and May 30th, for an unforgettable celebration of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s 20th anniversary! We are working hard to make Teaching Day and SPA Day memorable events filled with inspiration and reflection as we look back on our accomplishments and the remarkable journey that has brought us to this point and guide the future of the Center. Participate in this joyous occasion!

Register at:  https://edtech.hostos.cuny.edu/workshops

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