It is crucial that educational institutions deliberately include and integrate student feedback within continuous improvement processes. Identifying the best ways to capture student perspectives, challenges, and needs that require thinking outside the box and trying different approaches. This activity brings the voices of three Hostos students and presents different scenarios that they have had or are facing in their academic journey at Hostos. The objectives of this activity are to prompt faculty and staff to recommend strategies and possible solutions to address the challenges shared by our students in these scenarios, and to activate a dialogue to connect and strengthen our support structures to foster student success.

Breakout Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Dealing With Social Anxiety: How Group Assignments and Student Presentations Affect Students Facing these Challenges?

Moderator: Joseph Caravalho, Assistant Professor, Humanities

Scenario 2:

How does the Content of the Class Connect to my Job/Professional/Career Needs/Goals?

Moderator: Eunice Flemister, Lecturer, Education Department

Scenario 3:

How is the School Adapting/Rethinking its Approaches to Support Students (Who have been Working for a Long Time) Returning to School?

Moderator: Linda Miles, Assistant Professor, Library

Scenario 4:

How to Create More Opportunities for Individual Meetings with Students, Casual Conversations, Building Connections with the Instructor/Students?

Moderators: Mayra Mojica, Adjunct Lecturer, Business & Chanh Van Phan, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Scenario 5:

Are Faculty Using Technology Effectively to Enable Effective Communication/Collaboration so Students are Engaged/Motivated/Safe?

Moderator: Asrat Amnie, Assistant Professor, Education

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