Welcome to the microlearning course on student retention! As a faculty member, you play a critical role in creating an environment that fosters student success and retention. Students who feel a sense of belonging, competence, and social engagement in the classroom are more likely to persist. Our course will explore strategies to create a relevant, student-centered curriculum, communicate effectively with students, and engage them in the learning process. We will also discuss ways to build a community of learners, cultivate relationships with student support services, and promote positive student behavior. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the factors that contribute to student retention and the strategies you can use to promote it.

The course is divided into four units, each focusing on a different aspect of student retention.


Faculty will learn strategies and activities to increase and promote student engagement. 

Time Commitment 

For less than 10-min a day (in a 4-day commitment), you will have a better understanding of the key strategies to promote student retention and create a supportive learning environment.


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