Ronette Shaw

Professor Ronette Shaw graduated from the Hostos Nursing Program in 2004.
After graduating, she went on to attain her BSN and MSN, and is currently working on a Ph.D. at Capella University. Professor Shaw has been working up the ranks at Hostos since 2010 by serving as Adjunct Professor, Assistant Lecturer and, as to date, Assistant Professor. She brings a myriad of experience from prior work at various health care facilities, which she brings into the classroom and clinic. Professor Shaw teaches a wide range of the courses offered by Hostos’ LPN program, including but not limited to: Medical Surgical; Pharmacology; Fundamentals of Nursing; and Mental Health. Professor Shaw’s passion is oriented by an interdisciplinary approach to patient safety. In her pioneering work with radiologic technology, she seeks to bridge the gap between nurses and x-ray technologists.

In her capacity as a continuing scholar, Professor Shaw has presented at numerous conferences and presented posters throughout New York State. She is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the New York State Nursing Association. Professor Shaw’s passion for the profession of nursing translates to a committed dedication to the learning experiences of students at Hostos. Her approachable manner with students is fueled by an inspirational style of teaching that makes Professor Shaw a real credit to Hostos. Overall, her kind demeanor and gracious collegial manner means that Professor Shaw is an esteemed member of the faculty in Allied Health, and indeed across the Hostos community.

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