Prof. Elvir Dincer, Allied Health
Prof. Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Natural Sciences
Prof. Nelson Nuñez-Rodriguez, Natural Sciences
Cynthia Jones, Co-Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Carlos Guevara, Director, Office of Educational Technology and Co-Director, CTL


Mr. Ivano Leoncavallo, Director of Communications

Join us for a panel discussion with former and current directors of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) as we reflect on CTL’s 20-year journey of promoting teaching and learning excellence. Our esteemed panelists will share their experiences, challenges, and successes in creating and sustaining a center that promotes a culture of innovation, community building, and growth in education at Hostos. This thought-provoking discussion will cover a range of topics, including the founding of CTL, its evolution over the years, and the challenges and opportunities it faces today. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn more about CTL and its impact on teaching and learning excellence!


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