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“Creating better teachers to better serve our students” is the slogan of CTL. Toward that end, New Faculty Orientation is designed to nurture a culture of teaching excellence. The NFO curriculum would imbed the mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning:

  • Provide faculty development to build a culture of teaching and learning excellence and transform faculty teaching experiences.
  • Promote best practices of teaching excellence in both traditional and online pedagogy of teaching and learning.
  • Provide faculty with opportunities for research, scholarship, service, and leadership development to create and use pedagogical innovations to improve student outcomes.
  • Work with and support OAA and other offices to promote a culture of collaboration.
  • Develop strategies to boost awareness and involvement in all CTL activities and initiatives.

The Center for Teaching and Learning through New Faculty Orientation emphasizes the power of career planning in relation to how and when to provide service within the department and the college, and when and how to plan for publishing, along with balancing their contractual teaching responsibilities all of which are required for tenure-track faculty to be reappointed, be granted tenure, and/or be promoted.

During the AY 2022 – 2023, the sessions will encourage a sense of belonging and sense of community. There will be structured sessions with guest presenters in addition to opportunities for the NFO cohort to bond. The ultimate goal of NFO is to provide a safe space and support for the continued growth of our faculty.

New Faculty Orientation is a continuing introductory activity for all new faculty hired at the college. During the 2022-23 academic year, we welcomed 8 new faculty members. There are thirteen, 3-hour mandatory meetings and one year-end celebration to introduce the faculty to the CTL Advisory Council. The training includes the following topics: How can we help you become a part of Hostos, Team-Based Leaning, Mentoring, Journey to Cultural Awareness, Moving Toward Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion and Governance, Applying for Grants and Planning Research, Sexual Harassment and the EEO/Non-Discrimination  Policy, Contracts and other College policies, Peer Observation, Research Matters: Developing Student Ownership of the Research Process, SoTL/IRB, Service: Being Open to Opportunities, Introduction of different college-wide committees, Teaching online courses among others.

Welcome; Introductions; Overview of the Orientation Process; Virtual Tour; Hostos Archives and The First Year of Teaching

The goal of this session is to welcome the new faculty joining the Hostos community and introduce them to the history of Hostos CC.

Journey to Cultural Awareness and Identifying Student Support Systems

The goal of this session is to discuss the available opportunities to sensitively support our students.

Moving Toward Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion and Governance

The goal of this session is to ensure the success of the new faculty.

Learning Sciences & Best Practices, Assessment

The goal of this session is to review the scholarship pertaining to high-impact practices and assessments.

DEI vis-à-vis the Spring 2023 Schedule and Reflections

The goal of this session is to discuss our understanding of DEI and its impact on our pedagogy, curriculum, and student learning. Additionally, we will initiate the beginning of an end-of-term reflection.

Being Open to Opportunities and Reflections II

The goal of this session is to continue our discussion of DEI and the end-of-term reflections.


  • Planning Your Career Path; Using Your Release Time Wisely
  • College Initiatives; Mentoring; Continuing on your Career Path
  • Reappointment, Peer Observation, Student Evaluations, Role of P&B
  • Multimodal Instruction, Online Learning
  • What’s Next for YOU? Plotting a roadmap of your upcoming years.
  • Let’s Celebrate Teaching & Learning—Lessons Learned

To learn more details about these topics, download on the 2022-23 Annual Report of this initiative.

Dionicio Taveras
Lecturer, Math
Phone: (718) 518-6877
Room: B-408
More Info

Alison Lowenstein-Isaacs
Lecturer, English
Phone: (718) 518-2583
Room: B-514
More Info

Myriam Cadet
Assistant Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Phone: (718) 518-4123
Room: A-307A
More Info

Ruth Lewis
Lecturer, Business
Phone: (718) 518-6520
Room: A-590
More info

Cordelle Luces
Lecturer, Allied Health Sciences
Phone: (718) 518 – 4123
Room: A-307D
More info

Eliana Vazquez
Lecturer, Mathematics
Phone: (718) 518-6749
Room: B-431
More Info

Zaira Ramos-Barreto
Lecturer, Humanities
Phone: (718) 518 – 6685
Room: C-412
More info

Jennifer Sabour
Lecturer, Natural Sciences
Phone: (718) 518-4128
Room: A-507
More info

Matthew Balousek
Lecturer, Humanities
Phone: (718) 518-6685
Room: C-412
More Info

Segrid Renne
Assistant Professor, Education
Phone: (718) 518-4156
Room: A-107
More info

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