“Just Mercy” is a bestselling book by Bryan Stevenson that tells the story of his work as a lawyer representing death row inmates and the systemic injustices he witnessed in the criminal justice system. The book is widely used in educational settings as a resource for understanding issues of race, poverty, and mass incarceration. Educational resources based on “Just Mercy” include resources that encourage critical thinking and reflection on topics such as bias, privilege, and advocacy.

Just Mercy

A powerful true story about the Equal Justice Initiative, the people we represent, and the importance of confronting injustice, Just Mercy is a bestselling book by Bryan Stevenson that has been adapted into a feature film.

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Below is an activity that allows students to identify confrontational issues and then imagine solutions. This activity focuses on students creating a visual item to help them understand an issue presented in the text.

Storytelling Assignment Instructions

The following are more useful resources, which will continue to expand. We strongly encourage you to share your own resources and insights.

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