The goals of Touchstone are to increase awareness of the scholarly and creative work of the faculty at Hostos and provide an outlet for work that is on its way to outside publication. In accordance to these goals, Touchstone publishes a diverse range of scholarship from the Hostos Community. This diversity of imaginative and creative work represents the many talents of the faculty here at Hostos.

Touchstone accepts works in English or Spanish on any of the following:

  • Original scholarship on teaching and learning
  • Scholarly articles from any discipline
  • Best practices
  • Conference presentations or reports
  • Classroom-based research
  • Teaching challenges
  • Personal essays or editorials
  • WAC and beyond
  • Book reviews
  • Creative works

Send your articles by February 1, 2023.
For more information please contact Center for Teaching and Learning:
Room: B-418
Phone: 718.518.6804 or 2514
E-mail: ( )

To download the digital version of this and past editions of touchstone go to: www.

Touchstone Committee Members

  • Mr. Carlos Guevara
  • Prof. Elizabeth Porter

TOUCHSTONE V.11.1 "2022"

Spring 2019

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TOUCHSTONE V.10.1 "2019"

Spring 2019

Cover Touchstone

TOUCHSTONE V.9.1 "2017"

Fall 2017

Clouds Cover

TOUCHSTONE V.8.1 "2016"

Fall 2016

Cover Touchstone

TOUCHSTONE V.7.1 "2014"

Spring 2014

Touchstone Cover

TOUCHSTONE V.5.1 "2012"

Spring 2012


TOUCHSTONE V.4.1 "2011"

Spring 2011


TOUCHSTONE V.3.1 "2010"

Spring 2010


TOUCHSTONE V.2.1 "2009"

Spring 2009


TOUCHSTONE V.1.1 "2008"

Spring 2008

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