Provost Wang has asked us to save September 13, from 2 to 4 pm, as Academic Affairs will host a forum in B/401 on “The Impact of Generative AI on College Academic Policies and Pedagogical Practice.”

The Educational Technology Leadership Council is supporting the Provost’s forum and future conversations on AI through a year-long column in the CTL Reflections Newsletter that will offer links to articles that discuss a wide-range of topics related to artificial intelligence (including how it impacts academic integrity–the other AI) and information about calls for proposals, conferences, and events focused on AI and its potential impact on higher education. Be on the lookout for upcoming Mindful Conversation sessions to continue the conversation of AI and its pros and cons.

Please note that ETLC seeks to provide articles from different perspectives. We are not assessing them, nor giving our opinion about them. Some may be downright awful; some may be brilliant. Please keep an open mind and feel free to ignore the ones that do not interest you.

We also invite you to send us the APA references for articles you think might be of interest to someone–even if you have not read it. We will share up to 20 references in each newsletter.
Please send your suggestions to Jacki DiSanto at


Fall 2023 References

Alkhaqani, A. L. (2023). ChatGPT and academic integrity in nursing and health sciences
education [Letter to the editor]. Journal of Medical Research and Reviews, 1(1).

ChatGPT and Academic Integrity in Nursing and Health Sciences Education

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Educating in a World of Artificial Intelligence

Byers, J. (2023, August 8). Pennsylvania Educators juggle the promise and problems of AI. GT
Center for Digital Technology.

The Promise and Problems of AI

Osborne, M. (2023, January 17). Student creates app to detect essays written by AI.

App to Detect Essays Written by AI

Bowman, E. (2023, January 9). A college student created an app that can tell whether AI wrote
an essay. NPR.

AI wrote an essay
Paykamian, B. (2023, August 18). Who should be regulating AI classroom tools? GT Center for
Digital Technology.
Who Should Be Regulating AI Classroom Tools?

Paykamian, B. (2023, August 22). University of Missouri plans ‘Industry 4.0’ Lab. GT Center for
Digital Technology

Industry 4.0’ Lab

Young, J. R. (2023, May 11). Educators team up to respond to sudden rise of ChatGPT. EdSurge.

Educators Team Up to Respond to Sudden Rise of ChatGPT

Fall 2023 Calls for Proposals, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Visit: 2023 CUNY IT Conference Call for Proposals

You have probably heard of ChatGPT, but there are so many more Generative AI applications. Whether you use a word processing tool, a spreadsheet or a slide presentation application; whether you teach, do research, serve on a Committee on Academic Integrity, Assessment or Budget and Resources; whether you work in Marketing and Communications, in Enrollment Management, Advisement, Tutoring or Counseling; whether you are responsible for cybersecurity, monitoring networks or other technical infrastructure; or whether you work on web design or software development…Generative Artificial Intelligence is ever more everywhere. From now on it is Us and It.

Do you already work with It?  Are you interested in working with It?  Why? Why not? How? How maybe?

The co-chairs of the CUNY IT Conference are inviting all in the CUNY community, as well as people in the industry to share use cases, experiences, philosophical or ethical reflections; propose criteria for evaluation or policies regarding copyright, privacy, or intellectual property; or to otherwise offer fresh and enlightening perspectives on It and Us.

We will consider individual presentations but encourage submission of panels. Panelists can hail from different campuses and may hold different roles. e.g., a panel of Registrars from 4 different campuses or a panel composed of a Registrar, a Director of Financial Aid, an Advisor, and a CIO.

Proposals are due by September 6, 2023. The conference committee will inform applicants of decisions by October 2023.

Visit: The AI Revolution: Transforming Higher Education for the Workforce of Tomorrow

September 13 | 2:00 p.m. ET
This free webinar will explore the impact of AI on the near-term future of employment in the US, changes higher ed can make to workforce development, and a range of opportunities to prepare students for an AI-rich future.

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Trends

EDUCAUSE Leadership Series: ChatGPT and Generative AI: Navigating Leadership Opportunities and Challenges

October 10–11, 2023 | Chicago, IL
Join the discussion with six higher education senior leaders on generative AI and ChatGPT and do a deep dive on the opportunities and challenges for leaders grappling with complex questions and considerations around its use. Through panel discussions, small-group deep dives, and networking on the topics below, we’ll explore diverse perspectives and share insights to prepare you to lead your organization’s generative AI initiatives with multiple stakeholders including faculty, students, researchers, staff, and the larger community.

The program will cover:

Pedagogical opportunities related to generative AI and coursework

Privacy and security implications of AI now and in the future

Types of generative AI and how they are likely to impact higher education

Strategies for leaders to address effects and impacts of AI on higher education

Ethical considerations around the use of AI and how to navigate them
This program will take place during the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.
Sponsored by Ellucian, Platinum Partner

Jacqueline DiSanto

Jacqueline Disanto

Jacqueline M. DiSanto is full professor, chair of the Education Department, and coordinator for Teacher Education. She serves as the Academic Integrity Officer at Hostos and represents the college on the CUNY Common Core Course Review Committee and Committee on Academic Technology. She is the co-chair of ETLC and SoTL. She was recently awarded an Adelante! grant to investigate common teaching strategies and resources across the modalities.

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