Join us for a dynamic and interactive series of hands-on breakout sessions that utilize art as a powerful medium to illustrate complex concepts such as belonging, inclusion, welcomeness, and persistence. Through poems, mask-making, songwriting, and acting, discover creative ways to express and embody these transformative principles, fostering a stronger sense of unity and connection within our community. This is the perfect opportunity to harness the power of art and creativity to shape a more inclusive and vibrant classroom and Hostos environment.

Cynthia Jones, Lecturer, English, CTL Co-Director
Carlos Guevara, CTL Co-Director & EdTech Director


Poetic Visions: Capturing Belonging through Words
Join this interactive session to explore the power of poetry in conveying complex concepts of belonging, inclusion, and welcomeness. Discover the art of crafting meaningful verses that evoke emotions and foster a sense of unity within the Hostos community.

Cynthia Jones, Lecturer, English, CTL Co-Director


“What Does Your Hat Say About You?” DIY Hat Craft – Creating A Sense of Welcomeness, Belonging, and Inclusion
Dive into the transformative world of crafting as a means to explore personal and collective identities. Engage in a hands-on crafting activity designed to foster self-expression, reflection, and communication. For this group activity, attendees will be making hats/crowns that represent “who they are.” Through this craft, attendees will also visually represent the multifaceted aspects of welcomeness, belonging, and inclusion, while fostering a deeper understanding of the self and others.

Stacey Cooper, Assistant Professor, Behavior & Social Sciences
Mayra Mojica, Lecturer, Business


Staging Inclusivity: Theatrical Explorations of Welcomeness & Belonging
Step onto the stage and embrace the transformative power of theater in promoting welcomeness and inclusivity. Through acting exercises and improvisation, explore narratives that highlight the importance of persistence and celebrate diversity, while fostering a deeper sense of belonging within the Hostos community.

Angel Morales, Lecturer, Humanities


Music Connects and Fosters Inclusivity in the Classroom
Experience the magic of songwriting as a tool for fostering connection and unity. Engage in collaborative activities to explore themes of belonging and persistence, and learn techniques to craft lyrics that resonate with the Hostos community’s shared experiences and aspirations.

Sanjay Arya, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Joseph Caravalho, Assistant Professor, Humanities Department
Nicole Beth Wallenbrock, Assistant Professor, Humanities

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