Starting the semester with energy and enthusiasm is the motivation we all love to see in our students and faculty. Day Zero was created by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning to offer the additional boost to setting the stage for a successful semester.

Day Zero is a day of conversations about engagement, collaboration, well-being, community building and more. The event offers discussion panels and quick but effective sessions about practical tips, best practices, and available resources to create a great start of the semester.

Day Zero

Thursday, January 28, 2021

10:00 am – 1:30 pm via Zoom

Theme: Grounding Ourselves

10:00 AM EST


10:05 AM EST

Opening Remarks

10:15 AM EST

Panel Discussion

How has virtual learning impacted our personal and professional lives?

11:15 AM EST

Breakout Sessions

  1. Code of honor in online spaces
  2. The 3 Ps – Progress on a Professional and Personal level
  3. Practical recommendations on cheating
  4. How our students make sense of information and why it matters


12:15 PM EST

Breakout Rooms to discuss takeaways and share ideas

12:45 PM EST

New Faculty Experience in times of transition

1:15 PM EST

Closing Remarks

Viewing of pictures

Survey Results quick highlights


Day Zero: Reflections about Learning

On January 23rd, faculty and staff convened in the Savoy Building Multipurpose Room to participate in a day of collaboration and communication at the second annual Day Zero event.  This year’s theme was “Reflections About Learning,” and Welcome Remarks from Provost Mangino underscored the importance of a forum like Day Zero for facilitating conversations about learning among faculty and staff. After an introduction to the day’s program from CTL Co-Director, Carlos Guevara, the first set of speakers offered helpful tips and tools to enhance learning. From creating a classroom community through icebreaker activities and cultural competencies, to improving writing and research skills through the use of scaffolded activities and writing prompt exercises, Hostos colleagues shared some of their best practices and responded to questions from the audience.

Classroom Icebreaker

Rayola Chelladurai

Instructor, Allied Health Sciences

Tools for Scaffolding Research Skills

Linda Miles, Assistant Professor, Library

Haruko Yamauchi, Assistant Professor, Library

Bringing Culture Into Your Classroom

Stacey Cooper

Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Deciphering Writing Prompts Exercise

Louis Bury

Assistant Professor, English

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Silvia Reyes

Director, Title V

HALC 101

Isabel Li

Director, Hostos Academic Learning Center

Writing Center 101

Tram Nguyen

Director, Writing Center

Library 101

Madeline Ford, Chief Librarian, Library

Counseling Center 101

Linda Alexander, Director of Counseling

Wellness Center 101

Fabián Wander

Director of Student Health Services

Microaggressions and the Workplace: The Role of Resilience in the Face of Understated Bias

Jermaine J. Monk, Assistant Professor, Social Work, Lehman College

Brenda Williams-Gray, Associate Professor, Social Work, Lehman College

Reflective Journaling & Discussion

Cynthia Jones, Co-Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Day Zero: Setting the Stage for Success

After many planning meetings of the Center for Teaching and Learning Council, we felt greatly satisfied with the success of its first annual Day Zero. More than eighty-five faculty, staff, and administrators attended this all-day event of panels and presentations. Feedback from participants identified the tips, techniques, and strategies as useful. Additionally, attendees expressed their level of engagement was very high. There were some recommendations presented that we are looking forward to implementing in order to have a more effective and successful Day Zero 2020.

To view the information and resources discussed at the 2019 Day Zero click here.

Research Boosters:
Strategies for Building Student Skills

Haruko Yamauchi, Assistant Professor, Library

Linda Miles, Assistant Professor, Library

Class Survey

Sarah Hoiland

Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Engage Students Through Questions

Jacqueline DiSanto

Associate Professor, Education

Classroom Technology Benefits

Iber Poma

Coordinator of Student Services, EdTech

The Memory Palace

Victor Torres-Velez

Assistant Professor, Humanities

Supporting Students as Critical Readers

Linda Miles

Assistant Professor, Library

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom
One Minute Paper

Carlos Guevara

EdTech Director & CTL Co-Director

Benefits & Applications of Student ePortfolio

David Dos Santos

Instructional Design Specialist, EdTech

Common Blackboard Problems and Solutions

Eric Ritholz

Online Initiative Coordinator, EdTech


Defining Success:
Developing a Sense of Belonging and Well Being
Classroom Management:
A 360° View

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