CTL Newsletter – 17th Edition!

This publication was created to provide a forum for sharing teaching and learning best practices, scholarship of teaching experiences, and to keep faculty and the campus community informed of new initiatives and professional development opportunities offered by the Center. The CTL Reflections newsletter, which debuted in 2015, also serves as a vehicle to foster collaborations and explore opportunities for service, research, and innovation. The main goal of CTL Reflections is to promote community building and to strengthen Hostos’ sense of identity and belonging.

Read, comment on, and share the best practices, tips, experiences, and much more that our colleagues are doing to promote excellence in education and the success of our students.


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Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash.com
Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay.com
Photo by jonathan-kemper on Unsplash.com
photo by jess-bailey on Pexels.com
Photo by priscilla du Preez on Splash.com
Around the World: Photo by Anastasia Petrova on Unsplash
A beautiful beach view: Photo by Azzedine Rouichi on Unsplash
Art by Ian-Scott
Examination under microscope
Two people in front of a laptop
Service learning graph
People holding hands
3 women sitting on a bench with their laptops
Hurricane Maria
Emoticons as eggs
A person walking through library stacks
Cancer awareness ribbon in someone's hands
People in a lobby standing
A stack of books
Tow people with masks on bumping elbows
photo by Skylar-Kang on pexels
Covid 19 swabbing station
Spring calendar front page
Illustration of a calendar with human figures around
A person with headphones with to fingers raised sitting in front of a laptop
3 people in front of one laptop
Running track
Illustration of online learning
Illustration of online learning
A person taking notes in front of a laptop
People at a table looking at the TV monitor
A person writing on a yellow paper

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