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  • Welcome from the Provost
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CTL Mission

The Center promotes excellence in teaching and learning at all levels.  The Center seeks to enhance Hostos’ multicultural and multi-lingual learning environments with innovative teaching pedagogies and state-of-the-art technologies. The Center supports faculty, staff, and student achievements inside and outside of the classroom and encourages the growth of interdisciplinary and cross-divisional collaborations and partnerships.

Welcome from Provost Christine Mangino

Provost ManginoWelcome to the inaugural Center for Teaching and Learning Newsletter. Over the last 12 years, the Center has provided hundreds of hours of professional development activities, facilitated conversations, convened subcommittees for innovation, and linked faculty to numerous conferences and external opportunities. Last year, the majority of full-time faculty attended at least one activity, and we are slowly increasing the participation of our adjunct faculty in CTL events. Teaching and learning are dear to my heart and when I first came to the Office of Academic Affairs, I was excited to oversee the Center. The implementation of SPA DAY, the Hostos Teaching Institute, the OAA Teaching Fellowship, and the year of quantitative reasoning are just a few of the ways we have focused on teaching and learning. Read More

Pedagogical Points


As educators we all have the generous task of shaping diverse approaches to new and longstanding challenges in education. One of these challenges is preparing our students for a society that is ever changing. We are required to uphold the ethos of improving society through the advancement of knowledge yet with limited funding.

The question then arises of how do we as educators continue to stay in love with our careers? One answer is to look beyond our respective disciplines for innovations.

This summer, as part of a pedagogical seminar, I traveled with fellow Hostos faculty to Cuba. This trip proved to be a transformative educational experience that will have permanence in my life. From what I learned I came to the realization that the United States’ educational system can take some learning points from Cuba.

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Engaging Students Within the First Five Minutes of Class


Everyone processes differently. There are two ways of taking new and/or difficult information in–analytically or globally. Learners either require a sequential introduction to the content escalates in difficulty, or they need to know why this material is relevant either to the course or to life in general before they can begin.

By providing two different introductions, neither of which takes more than five minutes, you are setting the stage for more effective—and more enjoyable—instruction to take place. One way to do this is to have a short reading that defines the day’s topic, provides a short class agenda, and explains its importance. Students can read it while attendance is taken.

Another tactic more specifically targets each processing style. Offer analytics a couple of questions or problems based on the day’s work as a brainteaser. Have a brief conversation with the global learners where you provide the reason why this material is necessary.

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Celebrations and Accomplishments

Professor Ernest Ialongo’s Book PresentationThe Artist and His Politics

The Center for Teaching and Learning hosts numerous events throughout the semester for faculty and staff. One of our most popular events last semester was Assistant Professor Ernest Ialongo’s book presentation of “Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: The Artist and His Politics”. The event was held at the beautiful Hostos Art Gallery in April alongside an intimate cocktail party. In attendance were over 60 faculty members, including Hostos Community College President David Gomez, and Provost Christine Mangino. The event garnered so much support that over 20 copies of Professor Ialongo’s book were sold. Since that event, CTL workshops and events have doubled, as well as our supporters. The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to thank Professor Ialongo for entrusting us with this event, and we thank you, our supporters, for your continued support. We hope to see you at our next event.

Fall 2015 Adjunct Faculty Open House

AF Open House_9-15_01CTL held a successful first Adjunct Faculty Open House on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. More than 50 adjunct faculty attended this event. We really enjoyed meeting all of you!

This event offered opportunities to meet colleagues from across disciplines and campus offices while learning more about a broad range of resources and services available.

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