The Center was created under the leadership of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2003, who appointed the first faculty director and Advisory Council. A permanent, full-time higher education officer was hired in July 2004 to support the work of the Center. Thanks to the Title V grant awarded to Hostos in October 2004, which included a faculty development component, CTL created a rich environment where faculty could engage more regularly in campus-run activities to enhance their professional and leadership skills. This grant strengthened the presence of the Center in and across the divisions of the college.

The Center originally consisted of one faculty member and two full-time staff. In 2015, the center was expanded to two co-directors, a full-time coordinator, and three part-time college assistants; which has helped to solidify and expand current programming and create new initiatives to support continuous improvement and celebrate Hostos faculty and student achievements.

CTL offers frequent in-person and online professional development opportunities to faculty and staff. These events provide opportunities for professionals to come together and discuss ideas for advancing teaching and learning at Hostos. Similarly, CTL promotes interdisciplinary conversations to improve teaching and strengthen expertise and collaboration across disciplines through faculty inquiry groups, and various initiatives.

CTL works very closely with the office of Educational Technology to support and complement its efforts to promote teaching excellence and innovation at Hostos. Successful initiatives have been established through these years and are continually evolving to keep faculty engaged and active members of communities of practice. Some of these initiatives are faculty inquiry groups for peer observation, scholarship for teaching and learning (SoTL), team-based learning, service learning, civic engagement, and quantitative reasoning. Professional development initiatives include new faculty orientation, Hostos Teaching institute, Teaching Day, Day Zero, CTL SPA day, colloquiums, online seminars, and mindful conversations. Outreach initiatives and publications include the CTL Reflections newsletter, Touchstone Journal, common reads series, and Teaching Tidbits videos.

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CTL Advisory Council


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