Congratulations to all of you!

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to congratulate the following for their achievements in 2021.

Seven Hostos Faculty Members Promoted to Full Professors
  • Craig Bernardini, Jacqueline M. DiSanto, Karin Lundberg, Catherine Lyons, Gregory Marks, Alisa Roost, and Antonios Varelas
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Prof. Tram Nguyen and Prof. Moise Koffi
  • Congratulations to Prof. Tram Nguyen and Prof. Moise Koffi for being selected by CUNY Central to serve as CUNY Mindset Fellows in May-June 2021.
Prof. Sarah Hoiland, Prof. Antonios Varelas, and Silvia Reyes
  • Hostos Rounds Out 2020 With Newly Published Research
Prof. Azizi A. Seixas
Prof. Nancy Genova
  • Nancy Genova, M.P.A., lecturer in the Behavioral & Social Sciences-Public Policy & Law Unit, was accepted to the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge—a five-week virtual exchange conversation series for community college students in the U.S. and university students in Jordan and Iraq.
Prof. Yoel Rodríguez
  • Professor Yoel Rodríguez Receives $15,000 CUNY Community College Research Grant
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Prof. Victor Pinnock
  • Professor Victor Pinnock and a group of Hostos digital design and animation students are the creative talent behind the music video for musician Matt Dobkin’s song, “Organize.”
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Prof. Victoria Muñoz
  • Victoria Muñoz, Assistant Professor of English to be Published with “Spanish Romance in the Battle for Global Supremacy: Tudor and Stuart Black Legends”
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Prof. Damaris-Lois Yamoah Lang
  • Hostos Professor Damaris-Lois Yamoah Lang Serves As Guest Speaker At Rivertowns Women’s March
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Prof. Kristopher Burrell
  • Professor Kristopher Burrell Publishes Essay In Online Political Journal, Public Seminar
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Prof. Marcella Bencivenni
  • Hostos Professor Bencivenni Excelling On and Off Campus: From Fellowships to Publishing, Marcella Bencivenni, Professor of History in the department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, has been awarded a Tiro a Segno Fellowship in Italian-American Studies at New York University for Fall 2020.
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Prof. Vladimir Ovtcharenko
  • Professor Vladimir Ovtcharenko is part of an international team of researchers that discovered and described Myrmecicultoridae, a new family of myrmecophilic spiders.
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Prof. Jorge Matos
Prof. Linda Hirsch
Prof. Ann Genzale
Prof. Bronislaw Czarnocha and William Baker
  • The Mathematics Department together with OAA invites college community to the afternoon of intellectual, mathematical & STEM Creativity presented by the editors of the new book The Creativity of an Aha! Moment and Mathematics Education. Aha! Moment is in the center of their attention, its nature, structure, and depth. They will discuss the special importance of the book as proposing new approach to mathematical creativity especially crafted for the ‘rank and file’ students of South Bronx and other centers of urban education.
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  • Zoom Meeting: Tuesday, SEP 28 at 3:30PM  LINK

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to congratulate the following for their achievements in 2020.

Prof. Linda Anderson
  • Linda Anderson, Sonia R. Banks and Michele L. Owens Published: Silent Agreements. In Silent Agreements: How to Free Your Relationships of Unspoken Expectations, Hostos Community College Professor Linda Anderson and colleagues not only identify where these “silent agreements” come from, they provide a step-by-step guide to work through them.
  • Tackling the ‘Silent Agreements’ that Ruin Relationships
Prof. Sarah Hoiland
Prof. Linda Miles
Prof. Juno Morrow
  • Juno Morrow, Assistant Professor of Game Design at Hostos Community College, has published her first book titled, “Marginalia.” Published by CLASH Books “Marginalia” is slated to be released on June 23.
  • Marginalia
Prof. Andrew Connolly
  • Andy Connolly received the 2020 Henry Wasser Award for Outstanding Assistant Professors in CUNY. He is currently working on a new book, entitled American Carnage: Reading Fiction in the Age of Trump.
Prof. Charles Drago
  • Charles I. Drago, Professor and Chair of the College’s Allied Health Sciences program, has been elected as the new President of the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Services, Inc (AEIRS).
Prof. Angel Morales
  • Professor Morales Is Using Technology to Engage Students in Theater

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to congratulate the following for their achievements in 2018.

Prof. Ernest Ialongo

Congratulations to all of you!

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