Mayra L. Mojica

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.” – Frida Kahlo

This Frida Kahlo doll pattern is very beginner-friendly and requires only a few basic craft and sewing supplies. The doll measures 5 in. and it is made from super soft cotton and felt fabric in different colors (and with much love). In addition, other supplies are needed such as needle and thread, marker, scissors, fabric paint, seed beads, and Frida Kahlo’s pattern.

Step 1: Select brown (or any other colourful fabric as you want) fabric for the Frida doll face and black felt fabric for the hair. I use colorful felts to make the flowers from spiral cutouts.

Step 2: Use needle and thread to attach the face and the head. I use seed beads for the earrings and fabric paint for the eyes.

Step 3: While stitching up, keep in mind to keep a small opening to filling the doll pattern with cotton.

Step 4: I used cotton to stuff the fabric doll pattern. We will be filling the doll pattern with cotton through the opening. Keep stuffing with cotton until you are satisfied with the doll pattern.

Step 5: To make the tassel just we need yarn for knitting.

You can add as much details as you want for the Frida Kahlo doll!



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