PIL 102: Bronx Beautiful

Pre-req: ENG 110
Pre/co-req: MAT 100 or higher

Students must have 42 credits or more to register for this course.

Course Description: This liberal arts capstone course will engage students in an in-depth study of the Bronx and challenge students to question and re-evaluate their perceptions of the borough. The course will explore questions such as: What reputation does the Bronx have? How did it get this reputation, and is the reputation grounded in reality? Are the needs of the people of the Bronx, in terms of the environment, health, infrastructure and education, met by the resources of the borough? In what ways can we see the Bronx as a beautiful and culturally rich borough? How can we contribute to the shaping of the future of the Bronx? Studying the Bronx from various disciplinary perspectives will enable students to understand how their education can help them become more aware, educated, and involved members of their communities, and therefore empower them to become agents of change. (3 credits/elective course)

Schedule Choices:
Prof. William Casari: TTH 9:30-10:45 216A 74865
Prof. Andrea Fabrizio: MW 2:00-3:15 515A 74867
Prof. Charles Rice-Gonzalez: MW 7:00-8:15 815A 74866

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