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Online Teaching – A Guided Path for Faculty Development and Support

Online Teaching - A Guided Path for Faculty Development and Support 2018

Online Teaching – A Guided Path for Faculty Development and Support


Ruru Rusmin, Associate Director for Faculty Development, E-Learning, E-Learning Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College


Thirty percent of all students in higher education are now taking at least one distance learning course, and online enrollments continue to grow at a rapid pace.  Faculty at CUNY and nationwide are responding to the demand by developing and teaching increased numbers of online and hybrid courses, but in order to ensure an excellent, high-quality experience for all, faculty needed to be well supported through all the stages of online teaching.  BMCC’s flexible framework for faculty support, which has been revised after some pilot programs in the previous year, now offers a 4-stage path that supports faculty from novice to experienced practitioner.  Part 1 consists of a self-paced micro course open to all that explores what online learning is and why faculty and students might choose it.  Part 2 is an extensive exploration of online pedagogy and intensive development on an online course, culminating in a peer- and instructional designer-reviewed, fully developed course.  Part 3 offers a peer-supported cohort experience for faculty teaching an online or hybrid course for the first time. Part 4 seeks to strengthen the community of practice by supporting the exchange of ideas and feedback through formal and informal events. Attendees at this presentation will have the opportunity to examine the objectives and content of the four parts of the guided path and will learn about specifics and logistics of the programs at BMCC. Participants will be asked to share their own observations and reflections regarding online faculty support so as to build our community of practice within CUNY.

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