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Navigating Your Campus with Google Maps!

Navigating Your Campus with Google Maps! 2017

Navigating Your Campus with Google Maps!


Michael Sliwka, Geospatial Engineer, Onix Networking (Google Partner).


Derek Imes, Account Manager, Enterprise Mapping, Onix Networking“Picture an anxious student stumbling around an unfamiliar building trying to find a professor’s office (“room 345-56”). Add to that a guest lecturer who is 10 minutes late to a lecture, because he got lost on his way to the auditorium and you have an everyday scenario at universities around the globe. By offering a digital indoor wayfinding solution, you can improve everyday life for both students and staff. MapsIndoors, built on Google Maps, makes the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation completely seamless. Students and staff can get a route directly from the comfort of their home to any point of interest on campus, anything from the nearest parking lot to a classroom or a specific vending machine. Every semester, new and current students face the same challenges: changing lecture plans, locating classrooms or even just finding the nearest printer. A digital indoor way finding, ensures that students and visitors have a great first impression of your university and makes you as proactive and modern as the world we live in. With a combined outdoor to indoor navigation platform, you do not have to go through the costly effort of replacing all signs throughout the campus on a regular basis. A digital university wayfinding solution such as MapsIndoors is easy and highly cost-effective to keep up-to-date.

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