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Keynote & Special Presenters – Live Stream 2019

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Our Responsibility for Innovation’s Sustainability

Dr. Christine G. Shakespeare, Vice President of Program Strategy at 2U, Inc
1:35 – 2:10 pm
Dr. Christine G. Shakespeare
Building off this year’s showcase theme of “Sustainable Innovation: Turning Fads into Forevers,” Shakespeare explores the possibility for “sustainable innovation” in today’s higher education context. The intersecting trends in population, funding, economics, labor, and politics are shaping higher education dramatically. Shakespeare draws from her nearly two decades of higher education experience to challenge the audience to reflect on the following: How can we sustain innovation in today’s climate?


Enlightenment Presentation

Future-Proofing the University

James Wiley, Principal Analyst for Technology at Eduventures


2:15 – 3:00 pm
James Wiley, Principal Analyst for Technology at Eduventures

Given the pressures to improve enrollment and retention, meet the demands of teaching and learning, and keep up with ever-changing technology, institutions might find it hard to plan for the future. In this presentation, we will explore some ways institutions might look beyond the immediate pressures and construct their technology portfolios to best suit their future goals.