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Keynote & Special Presenters 2018

Showcase Theme: Igniting Innovation: Literacy, Access and Learning

Keynote Address: Digital Innovation as a Key to Student Success!

Dr. Amy GaimaroDean of Innovative Delivery Methods at Molloy College

In this session, Dr. Amy Gaimaro, educator and Dean of Innovative Delivery Methods at Molloy College, will discuss building a student-centered higher education ecosystem, while reimagining the role of technology. Amy will draw upon her diverse roles in higher education and current research on today’s learners, course delivery, technology in higher education, and innovation.

About Amy Gaimaro

Amy Gaimaro

Dr. Amy Gaimaro is an accomplished leader in the field of digital learning. She has worked at several higher education institutions paving the ground for innovative digital pedagogies. Dr. Gaimaro has over fifteen years of higher education teaching experience in web-enhanced, hybrid and online formats at Molloy College, Long Island University and Nassau Community College. Dr. Gaimaro currently serves as Dean of Innovative Delivery Methods at Molloy College. In her current role, Dr. Gaimaro advances the educational mission of academic excellence to support the delivery of high-quality, student-centered programs in a variety of formats by fostering innovative teaching and active learning. She provides leadership in the use of technology associated with web-enhanced, hybrid and online instruction.

She is active in a number of higher education professional organizations such as the Online Leadership and Administration Committee for the University Professional and Continuation Association (UPCEA) and the Online Learning Consortium, and frequently presents at professional conferences on her academic interests, including academic innovation, online faculty development and leadership in online higher education.

Enlightenment Session

Putting Horses Before Carts: Innovation Starts with a Problem

Roger OsorioExecutive coach and program leader at IBM

In this session, learning strategist, executive coach, and math educator, Roger Osorio, will present attendees with a framework for effectively initiating change where change is actually needed.  Roger will combine research from academia on innovation and disruption, the science of high performance learning, and entrepreneurship practices to help educators, administrators, and leaders effectively drive learner-centered change and innovation.

About Roger Osorio

Roger Osorio_Profile Photo

Roger Osorio is a learning strategist, executive coach, and motivational speaker to audiences around the world.  For over 10 years, Roger’s study and practice has focused on the neuroscience and psychology of learning, peak performance, and expertise development.Roger is currently an executive coach and program leader at IBM where his mission is to effectively apply the principles of peak performance to learning and development in organizations. He is also a global facilitator for the Techstars’ Startup Weekend program where he teaches people all around the world how to take ideas from concept to creation. Prior to being recruited by IBM, Roger was testing his high performance learning models, coaching math students, and designing curriculum as a math teacher for a NYC middle school and a New Jersey high school.

Instagram and Twitter: @rogerosorio

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