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Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) Course Design: A Model for Active and Engaged Learning

Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) Course Design: A Model for Active and Engaged Learning


Sakina Laksimi, Instructional Designer, Online Education, Lehman College
Olena Zhadko, Director, Office of Online Education, Lehman College


Teaching through the pandemic has pushed educators to expand their pedagogy in unprecedented ways. This session offers a space for participants to explore the concept of hybrid flexible (HyFlex) course design. While this concept has been around since 2005, HyFlex is re-emerging as an innovative approach to course design under our current context. It provides both new freedoms and unique constraints that can foster more intentional course design, more engaging learning experiences and expanded accessibility. Classes at CUNY and across the country are using Hyflex in a variety of ways. This session will provide a brief overview of Hyflex modalities and will focus on four main objectives: 1) Define terms and language about Hyflex 2) Discuss pedagogical implications for using the HyFlex model 3) Connect how HyFlex can offer greater accessibility 4) Explore how OER and other digitals tools can enhance HyFlex instruction. This session will also address the complexities and challenges of operationalizing HyFlex in various contexts and capacities.

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