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Going Digital: Teaching Literature and Writing through Technology

Going Digital: Teaching Literature and Writing through Technology


Bret Maney, Assistant Professor, English Department; Deirdre O’Boy, Lecturer & Assistant Chair, English Department; & Rosie Walia, Lecturer, English Department, Lehman College


This panel reports on the evolving commitment of Lehman College’s English Department to all forms of digital pedagogy as it seeks to prepare students for careers that combine traditional humanistic skills with technical savoir-faire. Panel participants will discuss concrete ways in which they are using and experimenting with digital methodologies in the traditional classroom and through online projects designed to link students to the growing career world of tech, digital publishing, and new media. Speakers from the English Department will explore how such digital practices and projects contribute not only to better student preparedness but also to larger discussions about the role, value, history, and future of our department in the context of an emerging 21st-century humanities.

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