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Assessment using Blackboard Mobile

Assessment using Blackboard Mobile 2017

Assessment using Blackboard Mobile


Rowland Ramdass, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Department, & Ronette Shaw, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Department, Hostos Community College


Mobile testing through the Blackboard app was implemented during the fall 2016 semester at Hostos Community College in two RN and LPN nursing courses. The main objective for implementing this activity was to determine whether students prepared for lecture by reading their textbooks. Blackboard allows instructors to create assessments using the mobile app which students can download on their cellphones or tablets. Once class begins and attendance is taken, the assessment is open and student can take a ten question quiz on the assigned material. This activity is worth one percent of their grade and a total of 12 assessments are assigned during the semester. Implementing this type of technology has major benefits including ease of grading and analysis, enables provide instant feedback and clarification of material, promotion of engagement among digital native students. Disadvantages included: need for strong and reliable wireless connection and the need for students to have accurate login credentials for Blackboard. During this presentation we will demonstrate how to create and administer this type of assessment and discuss the use of Blackboard to assess overall class performance.

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