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2019 Showcase

Conference Theme: “Sustainable Innovation: Turning Fads into Forevers”

Conference Date: Friday, May 3, 2019 (8:30 am – 4 pm)

Conference Location: Lehman College, Bronx NY

Join the three Bronx CUNY colleges for a very special opportunity to discuss ways you engage students in your discipline. This year’s conference will highlight success stories, pave the path for the future and enable us to sustain innovation.

Our committee seeks cross-community, cross-campus and cross-disciplinary groups and individuals to lead discussions and share success stories, ideas, and roadmaps that can assist in leading, innovating, and representing change.

Whether you consider yourself a proficient specialist, a ‘work-in-progress,’  a novice or first-time adopter, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

We welcome presentations from the following areas and disciplines:

  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Math and Sciences
  • Campus Life

Submission deadline: Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Submissions form: APPLY HERE

Conference Tracks:

Online Learning

  • Partially or fully online, either using synchronous or asynchronous tools, distance learning continues to evolve as new technology is developed. What new tools are faculty members using? What is being learned through assessment? What are student and faculty perceptions of online learning?

Student Engagement & Active Learning

  • How do you provide an active framework for delivering course content? Does your teaching leverage students’ competitive or collaborative natures? Do you use gamification or other strategies to increase student engagement? This track will provide an opportunity for faculty members to present the strategies they’ve developed for their courses and/or to talk about their experiences integrating active learning into their teaching.

Flipped Learning & Differentiated Instruction

  • How can we design lessons that meet students’ specific individual needs?  How can we unlock the full potential of each learner? Can technology assist in assessing students’ learning so that faculty members can pinpoint exactly where individual students need assistance, reinforcement, and additional support. This track will be dedicated to exploring flipped learning and differentiated instruction, and the technologies that can assist in providing individualized learning opportunities.

Digital Literacy in the Classroom

  • What resources are students using to supplement their course materials? What sources are they finding for their research projects? Are they properly paraphrasing and citing their information? Are they finding credible sources and how do they define authority? What tools are faculty members using to find incidents of plagiarism? How do students and faculty members connect on social media, and what links do they share with each other? This is an opportunity to talk about media and digital literacy in the classroom.

Universal Design

  • Academic institutions are being challenged by those with disabilities over lack of student accessibility to course materials. Resources such as skill, time, and expense are needed to create and retrofit course materials. This track addresses the state of Universal Design in the professional development of faculty pedagogy, the development of new course materials, and the revision of previously developed course materials.

Open Access: OERs and more

  • As increasingly more no-cost educational resources are available, access to materials such as digital textbooks and learning modules have become widely available and accessible to students and faculty. This track will discuss and showcase some of the open educational resources currently being used in various disciplines.


This year’s Showcase will be a full day event, comprising a keynote, five interactive 30-minute break-out sessions (which include multimedia / technology demonstrations, best practices, and panel discussions). These presentations will center on recent, innovative, and practical technology uses in education, focusing on strategies, experiences and techniques with regards to improving student participation, performance, and engagement.

Presentation Submission

All presentation submissions will be handled electronically. The presentation’s lead author will receive an email reply indicating that their submission was received. Authors should submit their complete submission form through the submission form:  APPLY HERE

Selection Process

  • The presentation review committee will evaluate the presentations based on relevance and quality of the submission. All submissions are held in confidentiality prior to any selection announcement.
  • The review committee recommends applicants to use this evaluation rubric as a guide for submitting their presentation applications.
  • Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered unless an extension has been announced.
  • Accepted proposals will be presented by their author(s) and will be published on the showcase program. The program is provided free of charge to attendees. The papers will be also published on the Bronx EdTech Showcase website.


The Bronx EdTech Showcase requires permission from the authors’ work presented at the showcase for publication on any/all the colleges’ website, CUNY Commons, CUNY Academic Works, and the Bronx EdTech Showcase website.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: Sunday, February 17, 2019
Notification of acceptance: Monday, March 4, 2019
Registration opens: Monday, March 4, 2019
Event Date: Friday, May 3, 2019
Location: Lehman College

Final Notes:

Groups are encouraged! Apply online and include your college, the project, and the technology tool or pedagogical technique along with details of how you will conduct or facilitate your group discussions. Because of the flexible format this year, organizers are asking presenters to be aware that this year’s presentations should be as interactive as your teaching.

About The Showcase

The Bronx CUNY EdTech Showcase, held annually in May, promotes and highlights the innovative uses of technology that have the potential to reach new levels of student engagement leading to improved performance.

Three BRONX CUNY colleges (Lehman, Bronx CC, and Hostos) see this event as a great opportunity for networking, collaborating, sharing technical information, and building upon effective practices within our CUNY Community. This year’s Showcase will continue the tradition of bringing special guest speakers, which will soon be announced.


If you have questions about the submission process please contact any member from the Organizing Committee.

The Bronx EdTech Showcase Organizing Committee:

Carlos Guevara at Hostos: 718.319.7974 ,
Kate Lyons at Hostos: 718.518.4213,
Olena Zhadko at Lehman: 718.960.1172,
Stephen Castellano at Lehman: 718.960.8658,
Albert Robinson at Bronx: 718.289.5100 x3063,
Mark Lennerton at Bronx 718.289.5655,

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