Letter to Francisco de Arrendondo y Miranda



Washington, D. C., July 27, 1898



Mr. Francisco de Arredondo y Miranda, President of the Centro Propagandista Cubano of Caracas.


Dear friend: In the absence of Mr. Mario Mercado, whose signature first appears in the powers of attorney and credentials I have used, I again present to you a report of the negotiations delegated to me by the Cuban and Puerto Rican political exiles, represented by the presidents and secretaries of their clubs.

In my first report, written in New York, I told of the almost insurmountable difficulties I had encountered. Now, from Washington, I inform you so that you can express and officially advise whomever is necessary, that the invasion of Puerto Rico by U. S. troops has the confessed objective of annexing the Island; that in the preliminary peace talks the United States specifies the unconditional cession of the Island as a condition sine qua non for peace; that the most I can expect from my endeavors here is to insure that annexation is only realized by means of a plebiscite; and that, to prepare for it, Puerto Rican exiles should begin returning to their country.

As for me, having completed my mission, I will decide on my future conduct in accordance with my duty.




  1. M. Hostos





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