Innovation celebration image at the JFK room at Hostos Community College with prof. Cynthia Jones, Claude Fernandez and Ostrin
Picture of different faculties and EdTech staff in the Hostos FJK room for the innovation celebration
Prof. William Casari and Ernest Ialongo at the innovation celebration
Innovation Celebration image with Prof. Cynthia Jones, another faculty and Zoreign Sanchez from the EdTech offie
The EdTech Innovation Chase is a digital badges recognition system established to motivate faculty to engage in professional development, to promote continuous improvement and innovative practices, and to foster a culture of excellence in teaching and learning that advances student success.  Digital badges are online micro-credentials that represent a certificate of a learned skill or knowledge, and can be shared and included in your digital identity profiles (e.g. LinkedIn profile, college’s faculty bio, etc.).  You earn digital badges each time you participate in EdTech and CTL professional development activities, EdTech initiatives, facilitate trainings or mindful conversations, become mentors, and more.  The more you participate, the more points you earn!!  You can claim your badge after you complete a professional development activity or any of the other way to earn a badge. The Innovation Chase consists of two types of digital badges or achievements:
  • Participation Achievements: rewarded to those that participate in professional development activities and events.
  • Expert Achievements: rewarded to those that demonstrate strong knowledge or mastering a strategy or technology focused on enhancing teaching and learning.

How to Win

Earn the most badges each semester. Level up your current badges. Please visit the participation badge section to learn how to earn them. Earn participation badges for participating in activities such as EdTech and CTL events and training. Points do not rollover from year to year.

EdTech events/activities:

CTL events/activities:

Earn expert badges for completing and participating in activities that demonstrate strong knowledge about integrating technology into your teaching and/or deep thinking about teaching and learning, you earn eternal badges—these never expire. EdTech expert:

  • Blackboard
  • Lecture capture
  • Mentoring
  • Mobile Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Social Media use in the classroom

What the game’s about

Each semester we celebrate our campus EdTech Innovators– everyone who’s using technology to explore new pedagogical approaches. We applaud you for being the first, for developing best-practices yourself (because maybe you’re doing something nobody else has). For the epic win, innovate in the most EdTech categories and (most importantly!) help your colleagues level up. The ultimate award will be yours.

Leader Board

Log into the Hostos Social Network ( to see your current achievements (badges) in your Profile page. Visit the Participation and/or Expert Leaderboards to see who’s in the lead.

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