Letter from Provost

Provost Mangino’s Welcome
*Original Release August 27, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to have faculty and students back on campus for another academic year. Welcome back! By the end of registration, we expect to enroll slightly over 7000 students. In the last few years we have made tremendous improvements in the service we offer our students and this year promises to be equally productive. This year, as a college we will be working on reaching the final Strategic Plan goals as we enter its last year, we will be developing a new strategic plan, and we will begin writing our periodic review report for Middle States, which will be submitted in the spring of 2017. Within our division, we will be collaborating with Student Development to develop a series of workshops for our students on probation, as one way of providing them with supports and college readiness skills. Another focus is identifying processes for streamlining and systematizing assessment. We have developed a strong culture for assessment thanks to each of you. Now we need to simplify the processes while using and documenting the use of the results.

I have attached the CUNY PMP databook for your review. CUNY measures each college on a set of specific outcomes and compares colleges to each other as well as to ourselves over a five year period. The data point I am most excited about is the 15% increase for students who entered Hostos with developmental needs and were completely skills proficient within one academic year. In 2009, 32% of our students were able to satisfy their developmental needs within the first year, in 2013, 47% of students met that benchmark. This number will most likely have increased over this past year with the great work of the faculty and additional opportunities provided students.

There are too many updates to put in one email, so please accept this highlighted list:

• President David Gomez has been appointed President of Hostos Community College;
• We have expanded our Hostos Teaching Institute offerings for the upcoming year with additional topics and sessions;
• A welcome back reception hosted by President Gomez will take place September 2nd;
• OAA’s Faculty Reception is September 28th and is being designed to be interactive so you get to know your colleagues better;
• I had the privilege of meeting with over 40 faculty this summer and engaging in amazing conversations. We plan on scheduling additional sessions this semester;
• The mayor’s office has doubled the amount of money he was giving CUNY for the ASAP program. This will enable us to provide additional students the benefits of ASAP during a three-year expansion period;
• We have welcomed new faculty and staff to our division;
• We have three new chairs (Prof. Howard Jordan, Behavioral and Social Science; Prof. Greg Marks, English; Prof. Iris Mercado, Education);
• Thanks in part to the free STEM classes, we had 1948 students enrolled in summer classes and over 1200 students enrolled in workshops;
• In August we had workshops for incoming freshmen. For the freshmen who placed in MAT 10 and took a workshop, 94% of them passed the workshop/exam and are currently enrolled in MAT 20; and
• We will be hosting the CUNY CUE conference on May 13th.
Again, there are so many wonderful things happening on campus and we will share more information in our Academic Scoop. Welcome back, enjoy your classes, and I look forward to seeing you on the 2nd, if not before.

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