Tips for Being Successful in Your Online Classes

    1. Take the Are You Ready course before the first day of classes.
    2. Sign into Blackboard three to four weeks before the first day of classes. Find the syllabus and read it.
    3. Use the Hostos online bookstore and get books delivered before classes begin.
    4. Make a calendar of important dates including assignment and paper due dates, quizzes, tests and exams for all of your courses.
    5. Send an email to your instructor and introduce yourself during the first week of class.
    6. Use Succeed@Hostos to schedule time to meet with your coach or advisor early in the semester.
    7. Meet with your advisor again before registering for next semester.
    8. Meet regularly with your instructor during their office hours to ask questions and talk about course topics.
    9. Get tutoring from HALC or Writing Center–both have online tutoring opportunities.



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