ASAP’s Probationary Team Helps Keep Students Successful

by Sabrina Ally, Jomayra Pena, and Patience Yeboah


ASAP’s Probationary Team collaborates with students to work through any barriers that led them to academic probation. ASAP provides students with an Academic Success Plan at the beginning of the semester, a Mid-Assessment and a Final-Assessment. These assessments allow students and advisors to discuss factors that contributed to their academic status. Advisors are able to build relationships with students, guide them to appropriate resources, help redefine their journeys and allow the space for reflection on personal and academic goals. After evaluating data from the Academic Success Plans and Mid-Assessments, students were able to identify positives factors such as increased communication with professors, better time management and a stronger connection with advisors. Additionally, students have been able to communicate their challenges brought on by the pandemic and distance learning. We found that the Academic Success Plan has kept them motivated in their classes and determined to succeed. The Probationary Team will continue to compare data and trends once full results from the Final-assessments are in.


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