Use Succeed@Hostos to Post Office Hours

What is it?

Succeed@Hostos is critical strategy that is used by us to ensure that we do everything in our power to support the academic success of our students.

What can it be used for?

Advisors and faculty can also use Succeed@Hostos to post office hours and allow students to make and change appointments. Students are accustomed to using the system because all Success Coaches and all ASAP advisors require students to set up advising appointments using Succeed@Hostos  As a result, students always have access to and can see when there is time available for them to meet with their advisor online.

Users who post their office hours in Succeed@Hostos can sync their Succeed calendar with their Outlook calendar. This allows the user to see all calendar information simultaneously in one view. Users won’t overbook themselves with more than one meeting at a time. Changes made to appointments in either calendar will be reflected automatically in both calendars. Additionally, users can choose to receive additional email notices in Outlook when changes are made to the Succeed@Hostos calendar.

Call to Faculty

Students are expected to use Succeed@Hostos. We are calling faculty to come onboard by posting their office hours in Succeed to help students know what times are available for scheduling online meetings. Faculty can provide instructions to students for how to make appointments using alternative methods such as sending an email to the faculty member. Faculty can also add information about online modalities for hosting virtual office hours during this time of the COVID-19 crisis and during the summer when all courses will be offered asynchronously.

Posting office hours in Succeed@Hostos can be helpful to students who want to easily access their faculty members’ office hour information. To find out more about posting office hours in Succeed@Hostos, contact Sarah Brennan in Academic Affairs,

We look forward to our continued collaboration with using Succeed@Hostos to support our students’ academic success.
The Succeed@Hostos Relaunch Team


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