Self-Study Design: Positive Outcomes from our conversation with Middle States Representative Dr. Hilda Colon-Plumey

Note from the Middle States Self-Study Co-Chairs:
We want to share this great news as we navigate this unprecedented outbreak scenario. Dr. Colon-Plumey mentioned that our Self-Study Design is a compelling, complete and thorough document. The narrative reflects our commitment to our student success as an integral part of our institution mission. We had a phone conversation with her recently. She aims to visit us in the Fall 2020.
Dr. Colon-Plumey mentioned the document contains all required parts and an appropriate timeline. She was impressed by the way that we organically built the Self-Study priorities from the current strategic plan and how all group and steering committee members engaged in several cycles of research question crafting and revision. We explained how we created the groups and current work timeline considering the Cov19 situation. She commended the information provided regarding college history, enrollment and graduation trends. It was pointed out the need to build a final report based on assessment data and how this information propels institution aspirations and improvement.
She suggests to include Hostos alumni in the working groups and to highlight college aspirations regarding future academic program developments. Finally, she commended college efforts helping faculty and students to navigate new distance learning modalities.
Thank you for your work and stay healthy!
The Self-Study Co-Chairs,
Prof. Nelson Nuñez Rodríguez
Prof. Kate Wolfe
Office of the President
Hostos Community College
475 Grand Concourse, A-Building, Room 341, Bronx, NY 10451
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