Asynchronous Summer Classes

Dear Colleagues,
As shared, all summer classes must be offered as asynchronous. There is a function in CUNYFirst that allows us to specify to students if the class will have mandatory times to meet virtually synchronously. Although this is not the optimal situation for students who are juggling life at home while trying to take classes, I do understand why some classes must have live meetings. Please let the registrar’s office know which classes (sections) these are and what the specific times are so students will know prior to registering. It would be most helpful to send your entire department requests as one through the Hostos Schedule of Classes email account.
Also- NYSED and Middle States gave lots of leeway for this semester to move all classes remotely but the same does not hold true going forward. We are required to have all online classes and faculty go through our processes to be officially approved to be online. This means all summer classes need to have the ETLC approval to be offered asynchronously and all faculty need to go through the training offered. Carlos will be in touch shortly with more details. We also just submitted a mini-grant proposal to hopefully get some funding to support this endeavor. We will have further discussions about the fall semester, once CUNY makes a final decision.
I hope everyone is going well.
Take care,

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