Hostos Student Success Policies

As the college continues to aspire to a 50% graduation rate, all of us must work to retain and help our students make satisfactory academic progress. In the Fall 2019 semester, President Gomez released a student success policy memo which addresses advisement and placement of students in the best possible position necessary for them to be academically successful. The policies appear below and the full memo is available by clicking on the link above.

  1. All incoming students must be advised to continually take Math and English until they complete the necessary sequences, starting in their first semester at Hostos. The goal is to have students earn college credits in both areas by the end of their first year.
  2. All incoming Liberal Arts (AA) students must be advised to take the First-Year Seminar in their first year and ideally in their first semester.
  3. The Degree Maps ( shall be used by all members of the campus community when advising students.
  4. Students shall be referred to the programs that offer them the best financial support based on their eligibility. College Discovery is the best financial package, followed by ASAP. CUNYStart saves financial aid for students who have significant developmental needs.
  5. Students shall be provided the option, and explained the benefits, of taking 30 credits per year by either taking summer and winter classes or 15 credits each semester.

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