Cyber Security Course Innovation Grant

Amy Ramson, Professor
Behavioral and Social Sciences Department


Professor Amy Ramson, who teaches in the Public Policy & Law Unit, and Lisanette Rosario, Director of Career Services, received a BRT Course Innovation Cyber security Grant to revise a course in the Criminal justice program to include a cyber security and career readiness component. The grant, which was awarded by the CUNY Continuing Education & Workforce Development Division, provides advisement from a cyber security expert from the partner companies of Business Roundtable, a national business organization. Professor Ramson and Lisanette Rosario are partnered with JPMorgan Chase.

During the Fall 2019, they piloted the revised Issues in Law Enforcement course, which is taught in the hybrid mode and has a service learning designation. An industry partner whom they had secured on their own, Shalom Cohen, the president of Eztechassist, provided three lessons and materials on cybercrime and cyber security techniques and assisted the student teams with the creation of Power point slides for a presentation they gave to the college community on November 12, 2019, on how to protect yourself from being hacked. In addition, Ms. Rosario provided a lesson in career readiness to the class. As a result of the revision, one student was potentially offered a position and ten students indicated that they would pursue cyber security as a major, or in a master’s program, or take courses in the area at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the four year college to which they transition.

During the Spring 2020 semester, Mr. Cohen will provide an extra lesson on how the Internet works and iQ4, a centralized platform, which helps students, academia, business and government collaborate to provide knowledge and skills in cyber security, will provide online lectures and cyber security mentors through a course, “The Threat Within”. Ms. Rosario and Professor Ramson are organizing a panel of cyber security professionals to speak and network with students on March 10, 2020, in the multipurpose room at 2-4 pm, to which college community is invited. On April 29, 2020, the Issues in Law Enforcement students will present a workshop on cyber security techniques, to which the college community is invited at 2-3:15 pm. The Issues in Law Enforcement class will participate at a site visit at JPMorgan Chase on May 5, 2020.


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